Top Five Reasons To Switch to Digital Two Way Radios

//Top Five Reasons To Switch to Digital Two Way Radios

Top Five Reasons To Switch to Digital Two Way Radios

The introduction of analog two-way radios into workplaces of all kinds revolutionized the way people kept in touch while out on the job. Whether it was on the ground in a construction site or on a golf cart on the course, radios allowed for instant access to co-workers and employees and was a simple, cost-effective solution to closing the communication gap in workplaces.

However, even though nearly every other piece of technology has been going smart, some companies have been reluctant to upgrade to digital two-way radios. Although it may seem simpler to hold onto the radios that you have now, digital two-way radios are far better than their analog counterparts for several compelling reasons.

  1. Better Voice Quality

Digital radios produce much crisper and clearer sound quality. That is because the radio’s technology focuses solely on your voice. In addition, digital technology includes automatic error correction (which prevents your voice from sounding garbled) and digitally-encoded speech (which helps to deliver the clearest sounding voice). Notably, this quality is maintained even if the person you are communicating with is close to you or at the end of the coverage range.

On the other hand, analog radios pick up every sound that the microphone hears, including your voice as well as any background noises. Not only that, but if you have poor connection, your voice also might break up and/or be hard to hear. This is frustrating and can result in major time lost on projects–especially if you spend too much time trying to communicate with each other.

  1. Bigger Capacity

Analog radios have a much shorter bandwidth, meaning it’s tougher to take advantage of multiple channels in a large space. Digital, though, is so bandwidth-efficient that it can accomodate two separate channels in one 12.5 kHz channel. As a result, you can double the capacity of your existing channel and allow more people to communicate without interference or privacy concerns. And, as a perk, this growth in bandwidth helps you minimize your licensing costs.

  1. Longer Lasting Battery Life

One of the most frustrating things about analog radios is the sometimes short and always unpredictable battery life. Sometimes, workers will need to stop what they are doing in order to swap out their radio or its battery. Digital two-way radios, though, are much more energy efficient; in fact, they will last up to 40% longer than your analog device. Interestingly, digital and analog radios consume the same amount of power in standby mode. However, once in use, digital radios dramatically outperform analog; meaning, there’s no need to swap out a radio during your shift.

  1. Improved Functionality with Additional Applications

Applications and other features beyond voice transmission can be added to digital two-way radios. These additions can include text capability, cell phone and landline compatibility, and GPS functionality–that way, you can check on your employee’s location without needing to bother them on the job. Digital radios can be “smart” like phones, so you are provided with multiple options to communicate.

  1. More Cost Effective

Although the technology included in digital radios may lead you to believe that they are more expensive than analog radios, thanks to the advances in tech, these two options are comparably priced. And for that reason, why not get the better model? Digital radios also need to be maintained (and replaced) less frequently than analog radios, thereby reducing the cost of investment. So even if you pay a little more up front for digital two-way radios, the cost of having analog radios is much greater in the long run.

Final Thoughts

Clearly, digital two-way radios are here to stay. In fact, many communications carriers are opting to phase out their analog radios–meaning you’ll need to move over sooner than you think.

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