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Public Safety Solutions from Communications Electronics

Public Safety Solutions

Stay Connected and Rely on the System Trusted by Over a Million First Responders Everyday. 

Around the world men and women, who protect our communities, put their lives at risk to make our lives safe. Whether running into a burning building, pursuing a speeding car or knocking on the door of a domestic disturbance, they need the confidence that there is a system behind them that will provide the help needed. With over 750 ASTRO 25 systems and thousands of conventional sites, two million users rely on a Motorola radio for daily communications as well as emergency response in the most demanding situations. With uncompromising real-world performance and legendary Motorola reliability, the ASTRO 25 solution continues to evolve, adding practical innovations and performance-driven capabilities that enable public safety agencies to protect the communities they work in and support neighboring communities through interoperability.


Working with public safety communities around the world, we have redefined safety in two-way radio communications. Understanding how first responders operate radios under stress and in harsh environments is a science we pioneered, and this science of high velocity human factors plays a pivotal role in the way we design radios. The result is the APX™ series of radios; designed with the user in mind – from the rugged, easy-to-operate controls, to the loudest, clearest audio, to Integrated Voice and Data and mission critical features – APX radios keep your personnel and the community safe.

Access to real-time information with Motorola communication solutions from Communications Electronics

Officers need to be out in the community with access to information that will help them to do their jobs better, while responding to the needs of the community. ASTRO 25 dedicated data systems allow officers to receive critical information in real time, complete routine reports, access databases and much more. In addition to voice communications, a lifeline for first responder, the ASTRO 25 system can provide a P25 standards-based Integrated Voice and Data system, Enhanced Data functionality, plus a dedicated data-only network. A dedicated HPD data network can be installed as a stand alone ASTRO 25 system or integrated into a voice and data system providing more capacity for data applications.

  • ASTRO 25 Integrated Voice and Data systems and applications can help you improve safety, productivity and efficiency.
  • Enabled by GPS technology, the location of remote personnel can be quickly identified, providing faster response to an incident and improved officer safety.
  • Dispatchers and mobile users can easily send and receive text messages, providing a valuable tool in maintaining communication in any environment.
  • Radios can remain in the field where officers need them, while receiving critical or routine programming updates over the air.
  • With an open software platform, you can add the applications you require such as field reporting, database look-ups, Be On the Look Out (BOLO) broadcast messages, license plate checks and more.

The Next Generation of Public Safety

At the heart of every mission is the ability to communicate in an instant each and every time to coordinate response and protect lives. The starting point for any public safety communications, the ASTRO 25 system is uniquely designed to deliver uncompromising voice services and provides a lifeline to the first responders. As your agency moves to the future, Motorola will stand by your side building the next generation of public safety communications systems.

  • Integrating the command center
  • Converging information
  • Interoperating across platforms
  • Collaborating devices

Increase reliability, decrease costs and neutralize threats with Motorola communication solutions from Communications Electronics

  • Unparalleled flexibility in system design
  • Leverage investment for years to come
  • Information assurance
  • System management

With offices in Timonium, MD and Harrisburg, PA serving Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Virginia,  Central Pennsylvania and Delaware, Communications Electronics can help.  Motorola MOTOTRBO communication solutions help you reach personnel anywhere they go, improve safety and security, keep every department connected, improve response times, maximize your investment and meet budgets cost-effectively. Contact us today for more information.

Products for Public Safety

Motorola APX™ 7000XE Multi-Band P25 Portable Radio

We've taken safety to the extreme with the APX™ 7000XE – our most advanced, rugged radio with innovative features designed by first responders for first...

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APX™ 7000XE Multi-Band P25 Portable Radio

Motorola APX™ 7500 Multi-Band Mobile Radio

This product may no longer be manufactured or available for sale.

The APX 7500 Multi-Band P25 Mobile Radio is no longer manufactured. See...

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APX™ 7500 Multi-Band Mobile Radio

Motorola APX™ 7500 Multiband Consolette

The APX™ 7500 Consolette is the ideal complement to your dispatch console. It’s the low cost, mid-power RF control station for the ASTRO®25 system when...

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APX™ 7500 Multiband Consolette

Motorola APX™ 8000 All-Band Portable Radio

With 4 RF bands and multi-mode system access, the APX 8000 knows no limits when it comes to interoperability. Whether it’s loud or windy, whether you whisper or...

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APX™ 8000 All-Band Portable Radio

Motorola APX™ 8000HXE All-Band P25 Hazloc Portable Radio

As our flagship radio for fire and rescue, the APX 8000HXE is designed for the most hazardous conditions. Because the APX 8000HXE is certified to Div 1 HazLoc...

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APX™ 8000HXE All-Band P25 Hazloc Portable Radio

Motorola APX™ 8000XE All-Band Portable Radio

Working together with firefighters around the world, we designed the APX™ XE Series; a complete portfolio of ergonomically advanced, ultra-rugged radios and...

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APX™ 8000XE All-Band Portable Radio

Motorola APX™ 8500 All-Band P25 Mobile Radio

A high-speed chase. A massive traffic accident. A natural disaster. First responders must be ready to communicate at a moment’s notice in any situation. The new...

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APX™ 8500 All-Band P25 Mobile Radio

Motorola APX™ 900 Single-Band P25 Portable Radio

You tell us you love our APX radios. You say that their single-minded public safety design makes them perfect for first responders around the world. But we were asked...

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APX™ 900 Single-Band P25 Portable Radio

Motorola EVX-S24 Digital Portable Radio

Give your team members a compact, discreet, and lightweight radio that allows them to be comfortable in any situation.

Worn on a belt, tucked away in a pocket...

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EVX-S24 Digital Portable Radio

Motorola MCC5500 Dispatch Console

When you want maximum control and reliability for sophisticated conventional and trunking communications systems, you need the Motorola MCC 5500. This modular...
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MCC5500 Dispatch Console

Motorola MCC7500 IP Dispatch Console

Seamless integration into ASTRO® 25 trunked networks is at the heart of the MCC 7500's command and control solution, which provides interoperability, cost savings and...
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MCC7500 IP Dispatch Console

Motorola MCC7500 IP Logging Recorder

Designed to work with the MCC 7500 IP Dispatch Console, this logging recorder represents the only fully integrated and certified IP radio recording and replay solution for...
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MCC7500 IP Logging Recorder
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