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Latest news stories from Communications Electronics

CE demonstrates new road sensors deployed by the Maryland State Highway Association

Nick Torres, Jerad Hoke and Ben Durbin demonstrate new road sensor technology that the Maryland State Highway Administration deploys throughout Maryland.  CE installs and maintains these systems which collect real time data on road conditions.      

Communications Electronics Acquires Procom

Communications Electronics is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of Procom Corporation. Procom is a wireless communications company based in Jessup, MD and a Motorola Solutions Platinum Channel Partner. Procom was established in 2004 and has a strong presence in the Federal Government sector. The acquisition is part of Communications Electronics’ strategic plan for growth [...]

Todd Packer wins EDMSSA Mobile Installer of the Year

We proudly announce that Todd Packer, Communications Electronics LMR Field Technician, was awarded the EDMSSA Mobile Installer of the Year Award for 2017. Todd has been a dedicated employee of Communications Electronics since 1988. We are fortunate to have Todd on our team and are grateful for this recognition from his peers. Below is the [...]

How safe are our schools? Technology solutions to enhance school safety

By Roger Cassell 99% of school administrators say student and staff safety and security is their #1 priority. 74% of schools reported one or more incidents of violent crime last year. 64% of school staff say they are “somewhat prepared” for an emergency. These statistics from Motorola demonstrate the need for continued and enhanced focus [...]

Digital Radio Reliability vs. Cell Phone Uncertainty

Everyone in every industry has a cell phone these days. When the coverage is good, they work well. But there are situations and applications where cell phones fall short and digital radios provide more reliable, instant communications with flexible features. Digital radio systems are designed for a specific venue and do not rely on a [...]

Business School’s Case Competition Join Forces with Major Mid-Atlantic Provider of Wireless Communications

Communications Electronics is the latest company to participate in a real-world business case competition held in the University of Baltimore's Merrick School of Business. Business School's Case Competition Join Forces with Major Mid-Atlantic Provider of Wireless Communications.

Does your building block first responders’ radio signals?

Are you renovating an existing building or planning for new construction? If so, you should be aware of some new public safety requirements you need to meet before a Certificate of Occupancy will be issued in many Maryland counties. The unfortunate increase in emergency situations in larger public venues has drawn more attention to this [...]

The reports of two-way radio’s death have been greatly exaggerated

The old analog two-way radio is a thing of the past. Today’s mobile radios have evolved into digital communication devices capable of handling a multitude of new applications that enhance productivity. Digital radios enable functions such as email, text messaging, GPS coordination and even “work-ticket” programs. Cell phones can now be integrated with radio systems [...]

The Top 3 Office Productivity Killers

Obviously there are many factors contributing to lost productivity at the office – too many to list – but subjectively speaking here are my suggestions for the top three:      3.  It’s Fantasy Football season . . . you know what that means . . .      2.  Facebook.      1.  Your [...]

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